Hey, come bird with me!

It’s time for Santa Clara Valley Audubon’s annual birdathon, which is one of the organizations biggest fundraising events. As chair of the birdathon committee again this year, I really want to see it do well, so I’m encouraging everyone to find an outing that interests them and join us!

You can get all of the details about the Birdathon on the SCVAS web site.

The Birdathon kicks off March 30 with a dinner at McClellan Ranch, and runs to May 5. I’m running 3 big sits for Birdathon, all aimed at casual or beginner birders:

Big sits are where we find a good place to sit and wait for the birds to come to us. Our locations at Shoreline and Coyote Valley have proven to be really good spots, and I’ll have some spare binoculars, my spotting scope, and maybe a few snacks for people who wander by. You don’t need to be there the entire four hours (I do, though), so you can come by for a bit, chat about birds and see what shows up.

I’m also going to be doing at least one solo trip for Birdathon, a big day style photo outing I’m currently planning.

Can’t get to these events? Consider sponsoring or pledging based on the results. Or donate to SCVAS, which I feel is a really good cause that deserves your attention — not only do we offer resources and events for birders, the organization works with many groups around the county on educational events, habitat restoration and advocacy with local and regional governments on environmental challenges and to help promote bird-safe buildings and environments.

Hope to see you join us for one of these outings! (or more, that’s legal, too!)

Other birding outings:

I have one other outing planned with SCVAS: for the first time, we’re going to do a bird photography photowalk. This will be March 23 from 8AM-noon at Palo Alto Baylands, and it’s something I wanted to do for a while to bring the county bird photographers together to explore the area and share their results. I’ll be setting up a way for attendees to share images so everyone can see what we find, and it’ll be an interesting opportunity to get together and nerd out a bit on cameras and birds at the same time.

I’m also working on a special thing for eBird’s Global Big Day which is on May 4 2019. I’ll talk more about it once I finalize the planning, but plan to go out and bird on that day, and we’ll be working to see just what we can all find together in the county that day.