I just published the latest issue of my newsletter 6FPS. Please take a look at Yosemite, Putting Nature First (and more). Not subscribed yet? Here’s what you missed:

  • The original essay this issue is called Putting Nature First, in which I talk about the challenges facing the places we love from over-use and abuse, and how some photography practices encourage or cause these problems. A group has formed to try to educate photographers about these problems, the Nature First Alliance, and I have enthusiastically signed their pledge to follow their guidelines for responsible photography, and I want to encourage you to do so as well.
  • I also talk some more about the photos I took in my recent Yosemite trip, as well as link to some interesting pieces by Om, Dan Bailey, Richard Wong, Ben Horne and more.
  • Oh and I almost forgot (not really): A surprise gift!: I’ve added a surprise gift for subscribers to this issue, but you’ll have to read it (and subscribe, if you haven’t!) to find out what it is…

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