6FPS V1n11 A Raft of Otters (and more)

by Jun 5, 2019

I just published the latest issue of my newsletter 6FPS. Please take a look at A Raft of Otters (and more). Not subscribed yet? Here’s what you missed:

  • The original essay this issue I talk about my recently posted new collection of Sea Otter , appropriately titled A Raft of Sea Otters. In this issue I talk about how it came to be, and why I’ve been spending more time working with my photography thinking in terms of collection around topics, or as David duChemin calls them. It’s making me think differently about how I approach my photography, and I expect you’ll see more of this down the road.
  • Relate to that, in Get Out of your Comfort Zone I talk about why I, someone who spends most of their time with a 500mm lens outside in natural light, has been working with a 60mm macro in an inside studio learning how to light and get enough depth of field and other technical aspects of macro work. It’s all about getting out of the comfort zone and pushing yourself to improving your craft.
  • As always, my For Your Consideration section of links to interesting things, and a special surprise, just for readers of the newsletter. No, you’ll have to look for yourself to find out.

You can always read back issues of the newsletter in the archives, but I won’t be posting notices about them regularly once the newsletter is more established. Subscribing is free and easy, so I want to suggest you please subscribe so you don’t miss out.

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