by Jun 29, 2019

You look across the floor of a crowded party, and see someone. Suddenly they look back and your eyes meet, and you feel that connection.

That immediate emotional connection through the eyes is true not only in romance novels, but in photography as well. In portrait work, bringing out the eyes is a key to creating a successful and engaging image, with Steve McCurry’s Afghan Girl being one of the most iconic instances of this immediate reaction. You’re drawn into the photos and connect, as it almost seems like the photograph is looking back at you. Or into you.

I realized recently that this is true of wildlife imagery as well, where making the eyes the key compositional center of the image helped bring the image to life and create a connection between it and the viewer.

Thinking about that, I decided to create a collection of images that celebrate that connection, and which celebrates eyes. Because when it comes to making or breaking the success of an image, so often it’s the case that the eyes have it.