2017 Best Images of the Year (revisited)

by Jul 8, 2019

One of the projects I’ve started to work on in the evenings when I’m too tired to do writing but still want to be working on something is to review and clean up my older images. I’m starting by reviewing and revising my “Best of the Year” images that I select every year. I started with 2017 and I plan on working my way backward until I get bored or give up in despair.

The idea is to look at the given year and see if the chosen images still represent what I think my best of that year, and if not, replace some images with new choices. I then wanted to reprocess the images if I felt I could improve them.

I didn’t expect major changes in 2017, but in fact I ended up swapping out two images that I felt weren’t really good enough any more. Nothing terrible about them, but I felt there were better images than ones I’d chosen.

The new set of images is below. About a third of them, I felt, warranted some reprocessing but only one did I tear down to the raw image and start over on.

Overall? I’m happy how well the images and my choices held up. Both of the images I replaced were emotional favorites that now than I’m spaced from their creation in time, I could look at critically and realize they just weren’t as good as I wanted them to be.

And that helps me feel this will be a good (but not prioritized) use of my time as I explore earlier years and revisit some of the choices I’ve been making.

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