Half dome from Washburn Point, Yosemite National Park

by Jul 17, 2019

Another image of Half Dome, this one from Washburn Point, which is on the way to Glacier Point, but I much prefer this as a viewpoint.

People don’t see Half Dome from the side view as often as the iconic view, and are often surprised that it’s as thin as it is. When shooting this image, I spent some time looking for an interesting way to present Half Dome, and I ended up deciding to bring in a bit of a nearby tree to help frame the image, because otherwise, the images just seemed fairly academic and boring. This one I like a lot, though, and has lived on my walls as one of the images I’ve printed out and framed over time.

It’s also an image I’ve shifted to black and white, and I really like that version as well, because I think it really brings out the texture of Half Dome’s rock.