Barn Swallow

by Sep 6, 2019

Swallow’s are small birds that chase and eat small insects such as mosquitos. They are fast and erratic in flight, making them an incredible challenge for photographers and good practice on aiming and focus.

The barn swallows build nests out of grasses and mud, picking up mouthfuls repeatedly along the shore of a pond and returning to a nesting site, often tucked under the eaves of a barn stable. A good place to find barn swallows nesting in the Bay Area is the Lucy Evans center in Palo Alto Baylands, where the barn swallows nest in the understory of the building and cliff swallows nest in the eaves.

This one was sitting on a wire fence at Baylands just waiting for me to come by and take its picture, saving me the trouble of throwing out hundreds of failed flight shots as I usually do when swallow images are my goal.