6FPS V1n15 E-Bikes and Accessibility (and more)

by Sep 17, 2019

I just published the latest issue of my newsletter 6FPS. Please take a look at E-bikes and Accessibility (and more). Not subscribed yet? Here’s what you missed:

  • With winter refuge season looming for me, I’ve been planning out my life between now and March, and it turns out I’ll be busy. I talk about what I’m expecting to do and why I’m going to be out on the road so much between now and spring.
  • In the issue’s essay, E-Bikes and Accessibility I talk about my decision to buy an E-bike and what I expect to be using it for. It’s more than just exercise, as I’ve had to come to terms with the limits my knees place on my ability to walk distances, e-bikes turned into an opportunity to widen those limits and do things I thought were beyond me. The use of the e-bike as an accessibility tool has interesting implications on many things, and there is a growing discussion and argument over regulating them on trails where other bikes are allowed, and I expect this accessibility aspect will turn into a bit part of the fight that’s going to happen over those regulations.
  • There’s a special surprise for subscribers. You’ll have to look at the issue in the archives to see what it is (and then subscribe, of course…)
  • And as always, there’s For Your Consideration, my list of some curated links I think you’ll find interesting. This episode that includes notes on the Audubon Photo Contest, The Bay Area Salt Pond Restoration Project, the Ahwahnee soon to have its name back in Yosemite, and other random and fun things you might otherwise have not seen in the firehose of links that gets thrown at you every day.

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