I’ve returned from the Art Wolfe photo workshop

by Sep 25, 2019

I have returned from my week at the Workshop Retreat with Art Wolfe. He did not throw my gear in a lake, and neither did I.

I am just starting to wrap my head around the experience, which was amazing. Art is an incredible teacher and a great person, and so is his team. There were nine of us with three instructors. I learned a crazy lot in a short period of time and my brain is still sorting it out. What I definitely know (and knew) is this is just the start of a long path before I’m particularly good at this stuff, much less comfortable with it. I’ll write more later as my brain figures out what to say, but “totally worth it” is a good starting point.

Just starting to do some work on the images here at home on the big screen. I see them much differently here than I did on the laptop, which is a problem I have to consider what to do about. I’ve processed a few images that I kinda like, but these are far from “finished”, I think, as I consider what I am trying to do. The one I use at the top of this article the one where I could feel my brain click and started going from “I’m completely lost and I see nothing but chaos around me” to “oh, yeah. I kinda get it”.

Glad to be home — a really intensive week for me — but boy, was it a week that really changed how I see things and think about my camera and my photography.