New Email, Same Person (Less Google)

by Nov 5, 2019

This is a change I’ve been mulling for over a year, and started implementing about a month ago. It’s now far enough along people are noticing, so I wanted to put out a quick note on this.

My “new” primary email address is My gmail address isn’t going away any time soon (if ever), but I have wanted to reduce the amount of information Google can easily explore tied to my name, and shifting my email back to an iCloud email address seems like it’ll help — I trust Apple with my info more than I do Google, and I pay for iCloud with money, not with having my personal info mined and sold.

This has existed since I worked at Apple, I’ve just never used it much, so it’s not exactly new, but it’s probably new to you, so I wanted to point out the change. Same person, Different Email, Less Google.