Quick tip: MacOS Catalina, Lightroom, and LR/Mogriphy

by Nov 26, 2019

Because my new Macbook Pro 16″ requires Catalina, I made the jump to the new OS when I migrated. I know there has been a lot of grumbling about this release, but my experience has been pretty painless. I didn’t have many apps that weren’t already 64 bit apps, and so my on-boarding was quite smooth.

I did run into one issue I thought I’d document here since the fix isn’t necessarily obvious. In Lightroom I make use of the Publish modules to send images to Flickr, and part of that export process uses a plug-in called LR/Mogriphy to write my watermarks onto the image on the way out.

The first time I tried to publish new images to Flickr, Lightroom aborted and the OS put up a dialog warning me that the app “magick” isn’t signed and so it might be dangerous, so the OS wouldn’t let it launch. “magick” is part of the ImageMagick graphics tool suite, a commonly used set of image manipulation tools; as of today the developers haven’t signed it with a developer certificate from Apple, so Apple’s Gatekeeper will reject it.

You can tell the OS to let the app run, but it’s not obvious where to do that. Here’s how:

Try to export some images and get the warning dialog. Then open up the System Preferences app and navigate to the “Security and Privacy” section and the “General” tab. At the bottom of that tab, you should see some text similar to the warning you got in the dialog. There’s an “Allow” button there. If you click it, you’re approving that app as something that’s okay to be launched.

Now, if you go back to Lightroom and try to publish again, things should work. In my case, I actually got a different warning dialog, but this one had an “Allow” button in it, and once I clicked it, everything ran fine after that.

I don’t know if the developers have plans to update the Imagemagick tools to be signed or not, but until that happens, this is the way to let your computer know this app is okay to use.