Blogging through the holidays

by Dec 9, 2019

A quick note on the blogging schedule for the rest of the year and into 2020. I’ve got something I think will be fun planned for the end of 2019 and you’ll start seeing it here soon. But the holidays take priority, and time is always tight this time of year.

Looking at 2020, I think I did a pretty good job of keeping to the 2 posts a week plus 2 photos schedule, but I wasn’t always happy with the quality of the writing, and so I’m making a change starting Jan 1. Instead of trying to generate 2 posts a week, I’m switching to one, so I can put more effort into it, and hopefully get more of the longer-form projects I’m working on finished. I tend to believe choosing quality over quantity is a good thing, and I think reducing the “words a week” load a bit will help on that in the long run.

So the plan starting 2020 is a new piece of writing every Monday, with photos on Wednesday and Friday. And that leaves me a couple of spots to add in extras if something pops up and it makes sense. My hope is this means the Monday posts will be better and therefore more worth your time and energy to read.

I’m also bowing to reality and officially shifting 6FPS to every six weeks, because that feels like about the right cadence for it given the content that I add to every issue. Again, I want it to be better, not frequent. The feedback I’ve gotten on it has been pretty positive (thank you!) and I’m happy with it (even better!), but I think I can make things better by reducing the deadline realities a bit.

To all of you out there, may your holidays be fun and stress free (yeah, right), and may 2020 blossom into a wonderful, productive and happy year for you…