My 2 Favorite Cats (Twelve Days of Favorites, day 11)

by Dec 31, 2019

Welcome to day 11 of my Favorites of 2019, and I want to share with you my 2 favorite cats.

Buster and Hunter joined us a little more than two years ago, and they have become such a huge part of this house. Both are rescues we adopted from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley as a bonded pair. At the time, they thought both cats would be average sized, and Buster was thought to be a medium-hair cat.

Two years later…

Hunter is over 12 pounds, and he’s the small cat in the house. We could put him in a cat show as a Russian Blue and he’d place well in the competition. He has a very distinct Siamese streak to his personality, and is the cat that wants to be carried around the house and sit on you and get petted. And when he’s happy, he drools. Hunter very much is the cat that wants to be around us (and on us)

Buster is somewhere north of 14 pounds. His fur grew out, and kept growing out, and he could be put in a cat show as a Maine Coon cat and nobody would think twice, down to the fur between the toes. He loves water (another common thing with Maine Coon cats). Where Hunter is constantly underfood, Buster tends to be more around the edges — so sitting in a sink playing with water drops. He’s happy being near people rather than on people.

Both cats have that wonderful feral fear of strangers, and the fastest way to clear a room is to ring the doorbell. When we have friends over, they will sometimes come out and say hi, but they aren’t yet ready to be friendly with anyone else.

It is hard to imagine this place without them.