My 5 Favorite Blogs (Twelve Days of Favorites, day 8)

by Dec 28, 2019

Welcome to day 8 of my Favorites of 2019, and I want to share with you the 5 favorite blogs.

I must admit, though, I’m reading fewer blogs than I used to, and going through the list, many of them are because, well, I’ve been reading them for a while and have no reason to drop them from my RSS reader. Where blogs and RSS used to be a huge part of how I kept informed, now it feels more like it’s supplementing things, and instead, I’m using social systems like Twitter and Youtube as my primary incoming information sources.

I can’t decide if that saddens me or if I’m just over it because the only constant is change, and this is one aspect of the internet that’s changed as we’ve moved forward. Whether for the better or worse? I’m not sure in my case either, just different.

  • Daring Fireball: The blog of John Gruber, host of the podcast The Talk Show and long-time Apple commentator. Do I really need to introduce this blog to you? Probably not; let me just note it’s still as interesting a perspective on the Apple ecosystem for me as it was when I was at Apple.
  • Sixcolors: Jason Snell’s tech blog covering the Apple Ecosystem. Jason was the lead editor for Macworld for over a decade and part of the Macworld/MacUser magazines for it seems like forever. Along with co-contributor Dan Moren (also formerly of Macworld) they cover the Apple universe, and this is my primary place for understanding what’s going on and getting perspective on why.
  • Bruce Percy: Percy is a British landscape photographer and author. His blog is an interesting education into both landscape composition and post processing, and when he writes about his work it’s always an interesting read.
  • On my Om: The blog of Om Malik, venture capitalist, one-time founder of GigaOm, and photographer. I find his perspective on current events illuminating, but even more than that, he has become an extremely good photography and I love seeing his work and listening to him talk about his photography, too. It’s very much not the kind of photography I do, and so it’s just the thing to help me grow in new directions and get some instruction out of my chosen niche.
  • XKCD: The tech nerd comic by Randall Munroe, it continues to be as interesting and innovative as ever and just as relevant to me as it has been since I discovered it.