6FPS V1n18 … And a Happy New Year! (and more)

by Jan 8, 2020

I’ve recently published the latest issue of my newsletter 6FPS. Please take a look at … And a Happy New Year!(and more). Not subscribed yet? Here’s what you missed:

  • I wrap up 2019 and look into 2020, noting some changes to my publishing schedule (6FPS every six weeks for now, new writing on Monday only, not Monday and Wednesday) and set out some of my goals for the new year.
  • My original piece is Simplifying and Complexifying in which I find myself thinking about a new project I hadn’t realized I was considering doing.
  • I link to some interesting things I found, including a duck that was rescued and rehabilitated after the Alaskan Oil spill and found recently alive and well 24 years later; also a new scientific study calling into question the current medical belief we need to slather ourselves with sunscreen so that we don’t actually ever get touched by the sun (or manufacture our own vitamin D). If that plays out to be true, that may be, in the words of the author, our “next margarine” (remember when margarine was healthier than butter? and then we figured out trans-fats….)

You can always read back issues of the newsletter in the archives, but I won’t be posting notices about them regularly once the newsletter is more established. Subscribing is free and easy, so I want to suggest you please subscribe so you don’t miss out.

So subscribe already!