How to find Emily Renzel pond

by Feb 18, 2020

I’ve been getting questions about specific places about where to bird in Santa Clara County. For the most popular locations, I’ve created this Santa Clara County Google Map for the South Bay Birds Mailing List I run in cooperation with Santa Clara Valley Audubon.

That list is far from complete, so while I’m figuring out how to properly get this material online, I’m answering these questions privately, and I’ll put the info on these secondary locations here for safe keeping…

The first one is Emily Renzel pond, which is a perfect question because it’s one Google Maps fails on massively… (edit: it should be listed in Google Maps now, thanks for someone on the list)

It’s hotspot

How to find Emily Renzel pond

It’s near Palo Alto Baylands and Byxbee park, so to get there you’d take the Embarcadero offramp off 101, but when you get to that first light, you turn S along the road that parallels 101, which would take you to Shoreline via San Antonio and Terminal.

The first water area you see on your left on that road is Emily Renzel. I believe there are a couple of places where there’s room for a few cars to park, one in the middle, one at the S end, just before you get to the city area with the animal services in it. There are paths around and through the area.

Another option if you want the walk is to park in Byxbee, and there’s a path that leads out to the wetlands past the water control plant.

I have to admit this is a place I haven’t visited since they worked on it. Been on my list to explore with the e-bike, since I don’t walk that well some days, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. Or seen the bittern.

Here is a google map.