Announcing a new, free e-book: … And the Geese Exploded

by Mar 22, 2020

I’m thrilled to announce the results of a secret project I’ve been working on the last few weeks. I’ve written a book. The title is “… And the Geese Exploded” which if you read my blog was the title of a piece I wrote about this year’s trip to Merced National Wildlife Refuge, and it was the thing that made me realize I needed to write this book.

This book is available for free — no strings attached, not even an email address. The download is in PDF, which is easily readable on most computers and tablets (and it looks awesome on my iPad in the Books app, if I do say so myself), and also exists as a hardcover printed copy, but only one copy of it exists, I have it, and no, you can’t buy it. But the ebook version is all yours to enjoy.

The book is a combination of a series of short essays about my birding life, how I feel so deeply for birdwatching, and some of the aspects of being a birdwatcher that mean so much to me. It also includes over 100 of my favorite photos that I’ve taken over the last decade here in the greater Bay Area, out in the central valley wildlife refuges, and here in the western coastal states in the U.S.

Interested? Head over to the download page where you can find out more about the book and how it came to be, and to grab a copy for your enjoyment. If you know of someone you think might enjoy this book, please share this with them, and pass this along through your social channels to help reach others that might want to have a copy.