Come (virually) bird with me for a good cause!

by Mar 24, 2020

So… A couple of weeks ago I posted my annual “please come bird with me for a good cause” piece announcing the big sits I run every spring as fundraisers during Santa Clara Valley Audubon’s Birdathon fundraiser.

Then lots of things happened, thanks to Covid. And I pulled the post because — that sure wasn’t going to happen this year.

So, yeah. But the good news is, we’re still going to do it, in a different form. Instead of doing the outings as a group, we’re doing virtual and everyone will bird individually and I’ll compile the results. What that means is that between now and the end of the Birdathon, I am asking everyone to go out and bird on their own in the area the sit was scheduled for, and submit to me the species list from your outing. It doesn’t have to be a sit: anywhere in the Shoreline area is fine (for Laughing Gulls) or Coyote Valley OSP (for Shrikes of Joy) will do.

I will compile the list for the entire group, and that will be our submission as the species seen for the group.

Honestly, this won’t be as much fun as doing this together – I really enjoy the conversations I have with all of you as much as the birds – but we live in interesting times. This, at least, still gets us outside with a purpose and we can help out Santa Clara Valley Audubon as well.

I have made some pledges based on how we do:

I will match the first four members who join each of my groups, which means I will be (hopefully!) putting $250 into the kitty for each sit at the state. I am also pledging to donate $1 per species on our final list, and $5 for each one that ebird would flag as rare. This means you really want nice, long lists. I also want to encourage all of you to donate some amount per species at the end of the event as well – even a nickel per species will help.

I am also planning on adding a third, solo event that I run on my own, where I will make a similar pledge. I haven’t yet decided exactly what that will be yet.

As we figure out what our new normal will be, please go out and bird. Sometime during birdathon, go out and bird where we were planning to sit, and send me your list. I’ll accept one list per member of the sit group, the last one you submit, so if you go out twice and the second one is longer, send it along!

Wanna sign up for one of my groups? You can do that here.

And thank you for being interesting in joining me and helping Santa Clara Valley Audubon.

Stay safe, get outside and bird, but do so with some care. I want all of you around next year when hopefully the sits return!