Making Your Pictures Real

by Mar 9, 2020

Last summer, I decided I really wanted a tangible form of my favorite photos — something I could hold, something I could browse and something I could share with others without need of a computer.

Something — permanent.

I ended up deciding to start publishing small books of my images through blurb. I did the first one originally titled 2019 (1)</> as an experiment, and while the design was pretty — boring — I felt it did what I was hoping for.

So as the year 2019 ended, I started planning a second book to cover the rest of the year. It’s now March, and I’ve finally finished it and sent it off to Blurb and I’m awaiting delivery of my copy now.

This second book contains three groups of images: my best of the year collection, a larger collection of my favorite images, and a collection of images I took while at the Art Wolfe Photo Retreat in Olympic National Park. There are some images that overlap and are shown more than once, but I think that made sense.

While I’m waiting to see the final copy, I spent a bit more effort on the design of the second and changed the size, and I’m a lot happier with the result based on the ebook version.

If you’re curious about the books and want to see what images I included, you’re welcome to download the ebooks:

I’m currently starting to think about 2020. So far, I’ve chosen one image as likely to be included in my best of the year, and I’ve started keeping a candidate gallery. I expect to continue improving the overall design as I do more of these, but what really matters, of course, is the photos…