6FPS V2n4 Staying Safer at Home (and more)

by May 15, 2020

I’ve recently published the latest issue of my newsletter 6FPS. Please take a look at Staying Safer at Home (and more). Not subscribed yet? Here’s what you missed:

  • I talked a lot about our current situation with COVID-19, how it’s affecting me and those around me. I admit to having run out of patience with those denying what’s going on and risking the lives around them because they don’t want to be inconvenienced. I find myself rooting for the virus in some cases, and not feeling guilty about that.
  • I do actually talk about photography a bit, but more about some video projects kicking off that is leveraging my photography. it’s been hard to get out and take pictures, although I’ve done so twice recently — and tossed out every shot as not very good, but boy, was it nice just holding the camera again.
  • There is a special surprise just for subscribers, which you’ll have to guess at if you aren’t one.
  • For Your Consideraton: Various links and items I found I think you’ll find interesting

You can always read back issues of the newsletter in the archives, but I won’t be posting notices about them regularly once the newsletter is more established. Subscribing is free and easy, so I want to suggest you please subscribe so you don’t miss out.

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