Done with Facebook

by May 30, 2020

Given what’s going on in the Social media universe right now and Mark Zuckerberg’s recent comments, I’ve decided to be as done with Facebook as I can be at this moment. It is not just a toxic company, it wants to be a toxic company because it’s profitable.

So, I’ve just posted my final note to Instagram, and that account will be deleted in a week or so. I have spent time on Facebook removing as much personal content as I can, and if you notice I’ve unfriended you, it’s not you, it’s me, but I’ve only left the bare minimum connections that I don’t feel I can replace at this point some other way. I have some responsibilities on Facebook to others and I have two things I simply can’t replace (yet) that only exist on Facebook, so I can’t delete the account, but I can remove as much “me” as I can from the damned thing. I will also be working to help wean those things I’m involved with to no longer have to be on Facebook, too.

(if you haven’t been following this closely, well, you’re a smarter person than I am. But for reference, consider reading this, this and this.)

If you want to connect with me, please do so — anywhere but on Facebook. One of the reasons Facebook is able to make me unable to just delete the account is because it’s made it really easy to be the easy way to connect, and it’s those connections that are often impossible to throw away. But the more people realize how toxic Facebook is and move their connections off of it to other venues, the fewer of those connections will be impossible to live without. that’s how you slowly reduce Facebook’s power over us: one unfriend or unlike at a time.

I believe I have removed all references to my Instagram account from the site. If you see one, and are the first to let me know where to find it, a free 8×10 print of any image on my smugmug site will soon be on the way to you as thanks.

I’m done with Facebook.