6FPS V2n5 I’m More Than a Dancing Monkey (and more)

by Jun 10, 2020

I’ve recently published the latest issue of my newsletter 6FPS. Please take a look at I’m More Than a Dancing Monkey (and more). Not subscribed yet? Here’s what you missed:

  • I’ve redesigned the newsletter to (I hope) make it easier to read and make it easier to find the different parts
  • this redesign includes a revamped For Your Consideration section where I now share some thoughts on the included links to give them context and help you understand why I think you’ll be interested in them.
  • I do dive into current events, because how can you not?
  • There is a special surprise just for subscribers, which you’ll have to guess at if you aren’t one.

You can always read back issues of the newsletter in the archives, but I won’t be posting notices about them regularly once the newsletter is more established. Subscribing is free and easy, so I want to suggest you please subscribe so you don’t miss out.

So subscribe already!