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6FPS is an e-mail newsletter written and curated by me, Chuq Von Rospach. It will connect you to all my new pieces across the network, and to other things I find that I think will be of interest to you. You can expect a diverse set of items about birds and birding, photography, the environment and the green spaces in and around our cities, the internet and technology, and whatever else happens to catch my attention that I want to share. There are also articles and special surprises written for and available only to subscribers.

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Each issue will have one or two original pieces not published elsewhere, along with links to all of the other content I’ve created. It will also include some of my photography, as well as pointers to a set of items I think you’ll find interesting.

My goal with 6FPS is to present to you on a regular basis a small set of high quality pieces of content that will entertain, educate and occasionally inspire you, to help you find the things worth looking at without having to try to find them in the firehose of information the net sprays at us every day. I curate away the fluff and the fat so you don’t have to spend the time doing so.

I’ve succeeded if you look forward to every issue and enjoy your time reading it.

Who is Chuq Von Rospach

You otter subscribe, you know

If you’ve never heard of me before, here’s a short introduction: I started working in the high
technology industry in Silicon Valley in the 1980s and worked for a number of companies that were important parts of making Silicon Valley a dominant force in technology: I did 17 years at Apple, as well as stint at Sun Microsystems, National Semiconductor, Palm and Cisco as well as various startups.

Away from work my interests include photography, mostly landscape, wildlife and birds; I’m very involved with the places birds and wildlife exist and the protection of those spaces for them and for future generations. I’ve been an active birdwatcher for over a decade and I’m involved with a couple groups here in the Bay Area that support those activities, including chairing two committees for the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society and leading outings to find birds in various locations around the county and state.

Is 6FPS for you?

Is 6FPS for you? Are you a photographer? Do you shoot birds, landscapes or other nature photography images? Are you interested in exploring and/or protecting out natural areas and open spaces? Are you curious about Silicon Valley, how it got to be what it is today, and how that impacts your life?

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I feel that the way to make this list the best I can for everyone is to understand what people want to get and what interests them, so I would like to ask you a favor.

Please let me know what you like about each issue and what you don’t. Reader feedback is crucial to helping me understand what to do more or and what to not do in future issues. I want to hear back from you so I can better along what content I put in each issue with what the users want to get.

If you have things you want me to share in the newsletter, please send them to me. I can’t promise to use everything I get, but I will promise to take a look and consider it for a future issue.

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6FPS Archives

Here is where you can access previous issues of 6FPS. New issues are posted here within two weeks of their being distributed to subscribers.

2020 (Volume 2)

2018-2019 (Volume 1)

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