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Before there was blogging, or blogs, or even web browsers, there was e-mail. And while lots of folks like to think the internet started when they created a blog, it was alive and well and busily discussing things long before blogs or social networking. For many years, we hosted mailing lists for many sports teams in both hockey and baseball. Those lists have been retired, but the archives live on. The largest and longest running of them was our Sharks list, which we ran from 1992 until 2005, and which is still going strong under new owners at Yahoo groups.

Some of the lists were large and vibrant, some were small and very much niches. Some did pretty well, some were experiments that never got critical mass. All of them are interesting glimpses into the intersection of the online universe and the sports world and the state of the sport at the time. It’s my long-term plan to make this content more searchable (this article is a first hint at Google to start indexing… hint hint) and do some research into the information and see what pops up.

Until then, those of you who are blogging about this stuff and think you invented the form, it’s actually been going on for a long, long time


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