Palo Alto Baylands Big Sit report: 42 species

[[Corrections: The female Bullock's Oriole I noted below is in fact a female Hooded Oriole. I made a silly assumption due to proximity to the male Bullock's and didn't validate my sighting against a guide later. My bad. That makes the day's species count 42, also....

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SCVAS Photowalk, Palo Alto Baylands 3/23/2019

On March 23 I led a group of 8 on the first photowalk put on by Santa Clara Valley Audubon. Over 3 and a half hours, we found 45 species and had a good time talking birds, cameras and birding opportunities at the Baylands. We split our time between the area near the...

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Shoreline Lake Big Sit report: 54 species!

On Saturday April 7 I hosted the Sitting Ducks Big Sit for the SCVAS Birdathon at Shoreline Lake in Mountain View. Four of us (Julio Mulero, Renee Polizotto and Mary Ann Robertson) were there for the entire four hours, and three others stopped by while exploring the...

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2019 Birding goals

As we exit 2018 and move into 2019 I've been trying to decide what I want to accomplish in the next year. As my birding has moved more front and center in my interests in the last couple of years, it's now one of the activities I want to accomplish. In the last 18...

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A Birdwatcher’s Library

A Birdwatcher’s Library It turns out one of the things you tend to collect as a birder is books about birds. Birdwatching is in many ways less about watching birds as it is identifying what in heck you’re watching, and properly identifying birds turns out...

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When birding goes magical

On Sunday, April 8, five of us assembled at Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve in South Santa Clara County for a Big Sit in support of the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Birdathon event, which raises funds every year for the chapter activities. This preserve is fairly new...

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As I mentioned yesterday, I did this thing, and now I’m happy to tell people about it and let people use it if they find it useful. I’ve built a new web site, It’s designed to be a guide to birding here in Santa Clara County and to connect...

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I made a thing

So I made this thing. I started planning it about a month ago, and I started actively writing and building it about two and a half weeks ago, and the middle of last week, I realized if I put some focus on it, I could get it finished and out into the world where people...

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Nesting Bald Eagles in the Bay Area

Much to pretty much everyone's surprise, a pair of bald eagles decided to nest in a tree in the front of an elementary school in Milpitas. This is unusual for a few reasons, because this species usually nests near water and they are generally not terribly happy at...

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Visiting the Central Valley Refuges

During the winter I head out into the central valley as many times as I can to visit the refuges while the winter migrants are living there. I’ve get requests on where to go and what to expect, so I’ve written up a few notes on these trips and what to...

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