I've finally hit a milestone I've been grinding to get for literally over a year. I got on the scale this morning and it read 349.8. I am below 350 pounds for the first time since -- sometime in 2003. For those keeping track, my total weight loss for 2018 was a...

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Palo Alto Baylands Big Sit report: 42 species

[[Corrections: The female Bullock's Oriole I noted below is in fact a female Hooded Oriole. I made a silly assumption due to proximity to the male Bullock's and didn't validate my sighting against a guide later. My bad. That makes the day's species count 42, also....

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SCVAS Photowalk, Palo Alto Baylands 3/23/2019

On March 23 I led a group of 8 on the first photowalk put on by Santa Clara Valley Audubon. Over 3 and a half hours, we found 45 species and had a good time talking birds, cameras and birding opportunities at the Baylands. We split our time between the area near the...

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Shoreline Lake Big Sit report: 54 species!

On Saturday April 7 I hosted the Sitting Ducks Big Sit for the SCVAS Birdathon at Shoreline Lake in Mountain View. Four of us (Julio Mulero, Renee Polizotto and Mary Ann Robertson) were there for the entire four hours, and three others stopped by while exploring the...

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Announcing my Smugmug Site redesign

As part of my plan to redesign the look of my online sites this year, I've been working on a new look for my Smugmug site, which I've been using to hold the images I call my Portfolio images. I had a problem, though. I didn't like the way the images were organized,...

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Yosemite Rediscovered: Upper Yosemite Falls

Having worked the two locations I had sent as projects for this trip, I scouted around for another to experiment with. The light was unremarkable, the skies were boring, and my knees were limiting my wandering around, so I ended up at an old favorite, an area along...

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Yosemite Rediscovered: Fern Spring

The second location I had decided to focus on was one I'd never shot at before. Fern Spring is a small artesian spring, along Southside drive close to the Pohono bridge, where El Portal Rd, Southside and Northside all come together. It's quite easy to miss; if you...

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Cascade Creek: Back to the Future

The final image I kept from my shooting at Cascade Creek. While I had the X-T3 on the tripod with the ND filters doing slow shutter images, I picked up the other camera, the X-T20, which had the 50-140 F2.8 on it (Fuji 70-200 equivalent) and tried to recreate a new...

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Cascade Creek — Take 2

When I posted the images from Cascade Creek the other day, I noted that I wasn't really happy with the result of Composition 3, but couldn't really define why. A friend of mine looked at it and suggested darkening and desaturating the greens, and I thought that was a...

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Yosemite Rediscovered: Cascade Creek

My last visit to Yosemite was 2016 when I attended Cocoaconf there. I've been trying to get back since, but schedules and timing have kept me away. As I started to schedule in other commitments this year, it was becoming obvious it might not happen, especially around...

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The Brief: Yosemite Rediscovered

When you read this, I'll be somewhat on the valley floor of Yosemite National Park, unplugged from Social Media, work and everything outside the park, taking in the scenery and maybe taking a few photos. It'll be my first visit since 2016, when I went up there for the...

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Printing your images — Fine Art printing

Yes, it's another "you really need to print your images to become a better photographer" blog post. Not my first, not my last, but it's true, folks. What's different about this one is that instead of griping to myself that I need to start printing again, I replaced...

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Fine art wildlife printing

So I've started a new project, where I'm going to take a few images and have them professionally printed and tweaked by a master printer and compare them to my own printing attempts, both as a way to understand how they would process the image based on my objectives...

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Can you use a 560mm lens as a landscape lens?

Just for fun, while I was out at my birding event this weekend, I noticed I could see the top of Mount Hamilton and the Lick Observatory very clearly from where I was. I had my bird camera set up on the tripod, so I aimed it at the Observatory and clicked off a few...

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Review: WD My Passport Wireless Pro

One of my goals for this year is to figure out how to stop taking a laptop on trips with me. Literally the only reason I carry one -- unless I'm doing my job while traveling -- is so I have something I can load the day's SD cards onto to review and back up. I simply...

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