Announcing my Smugmug Site redesign

As part of my plan to redesign the look of my online sites this year, I've been working on a new look for my Smugmug site, which I've been using to hold the images I call my Portfolio images. I had a problem, though. I didn't like the way the images were organized,...

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Yosemite Rediscovered: Upper Yosemite Falls

Having worked the two locations I had sent as projects for this trip, I scouted around for another to experiment with. The light was unremarkable, the skies were boring, and my knees were limiting my wandering around, so I ended up at an old favorite, an area along...

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Yosemite Rediscovered: Fern Spring

The second location I had decided to focus on was one I'd never shot at before. Fern Spring is a small artesian spring, along Southside drive close to the Pohono bridge, where El Portal Rd, Southside and Northside all come together. It's quite easy to miss; if you...

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Cascade Creek: Back to the Future

The final image I kept from my shooting at Cascade Creek. While I had the X-T3 on the tripod with the ND filters doing slow shutter images, I picked up the other camera, the X-T20, which had the 50-140 F2.8 on it (Fuji 70-200 equivalent) and tried to recreate a new...

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Cascade Creek — Take 2

When I posted the images from Cascade Creek the other day, I noted that I wasn't really happy with the result of Composition 3, but couldn't really define why. A friend of mine looked at it and suggested darkening and desaturating the greens, and I thought that was a...

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Yosemite Rediscovered: Cascade Creek

My last visit to Yosemite was 2016 when I attended Cocoaconf there. I've been trying to get back since, but schedules and timing have kept me away. As I started to schedule in other commitments this year, it was becoming obvious it might not happen, especially around...

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