The Bushtit is one of the common birds here in Silicon Valley, moving through an area in smallish flocks. They are seemingly always in...

Merced and San Luis NWR: first trip of the season

Last Saturday I made my first trip of the season out to the central valley refuges, checking in at both San Luis NWR and Merced NWR. It...

Out for a Ride

Father and daughter are out for a ride on a stand up board to watch the sea otters. Morro Bay Harbor. Recent Posts Popular Posts Featured...

I am Giving my Photos Away (to the right causes)

A couple of different things I've been working on for a while came together recently and explained to me they were really the same thing,...

Great Egret with Nesting Material

One of the birds that nests here in the Bay Area every spring, this is a great egret with a branch in his mouth, carrying it back as he...

Camera Kit Updates

It's inevitable, of course, but since I wrote my what's in my camera bag piece a few months ago, the kit has had some changes made to it....

Twilight Colors at Lake Quinault

Twilight colors glow across Lake Quinault in Olympic National Park at the end of the first day of my Art Wolfe Photo Retreat. It was, of...

Living in Earthquake Country — the Emergency Kit

A reality of living in silicon valley is the risk of earthquakes. One aspect of that is you need to be prepared for an event that might or...

Golden-crowned Sparrow

One of our common winter visitors, the Golden-crowned Sparrow arrives in late fall and leaves for its northern breeding grounds again in...

Grey Whales

A pair of grey whales outside of Morro Bay Harbor, seen during a pelagic trip -- not all you see on the birding expeditions are birds....

Adding an online camera to your birdfeeder

When I built myself a new home office in a spare room about a year ago, the one thing I lost was a view of our birdfeeders, since they are...

My Photography

My photography focuses on nature with my main interests being bird photography, landscapes and wildlife, especially Sea Otters and Elephant Seals. People often ask what kind of photography I do, and I struggle explaining, because my work doesn’t fit into an easily defined category, beyond, well, “Nature stuff”. The best way to describe what I do, is to answer “this is me“:

I am Giving Away my Photos (to the right causes)

For years I’ve had it on my web site that charitable organizations can license my photos for free for their use on request. To make it easier for organizations to use them, I am creating a distribution that can be downloaded in bulk and kept locally for use as convenient without having to go searching or asking for permission.

Bird/wildlife and landscape work are very different skill sets and require different gear to work, and often conflict with each other; there’s nothing quite like being out with a 500mm lens chasing a Sandhill Crane when the late afternoon sunlight explodes into the glorious magic sunset dance, and your wide angle gear is 30 minutes away locked in the car.

These days I shoot Fuji gear (see What’s in my Camera Bag for details), and I’m happy to answer questions about it if I can, or to talk incessantly about digital darkroom technique in Lightroom, so if I can be of help, please feel free to ask..

If you are a 501(c)(3) organization (or equivalent), you can apply to get a free set of these images. It will come with a free use non-exclusive license. Attribution is optional but appreciated. The license is perpetual; the only restriction is you cannot share these images outside of your organization.

I do a lot of nature photography and visit wildlife refuges and parks, and so this distribution is of interest primarily to environmental type organizations and to date my images have been licensed by organizations including Audubon and the Nature Conservancy. You can find out more here. Interested? Send an email to chuqui@mac.com and we’ll talk.

Image Portfolios

Landscapes of Merced National Wildlife Refuge

2019 Best Images of the Year

Birds of Merced National Wildlife Refuge

Elephant Seals of Piedras Blancas

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