Trusting the Process

I've been thinking about trusting the process recently. How many of you go out and practice with the camera? Test different functions and...

Savannah Sparrow, Coyote Valley, California

Coyote Valley, in the southern bits of San Jose along Highway 101, is one of the best winter birding locations for Raptors and other birds....

Let’s Talk About Fear

I want to talk about fear for a minute. I'm involved in a year-long mentoring program run by David duChemin. I am learning a lot, it's...

Mastering Bird Photography: The Art, Craft, and Technique of Photographing Birds and Their Behavior

A common question I get is to recommend a book on Bird Photography to someone that is interested in getting started, or is getting more...


You look across the floor of a crowded party, and see someone. Suddenly they look back and your eyes meet, and you feel that connection....

Why you should plan to spend time reprocessing old images….

I spent some time this week reprocessing this image. It is from my 2014 Yellowstone trip, and it's one of my favorite bison images. It's...

Averted disaster (“missed it by THAT much”)

Sitting next to my desk is a table which houses all the gear that keeps things running around here. On it is the UPS that protects my iMac,...

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A Raft of Sea Otters (new!)

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