First experiences with the Fuji X-T3

In and around everything that's been going on, my Fuji X-T3 body arrived. Since I was about to head down to SoCal again, I unpacked it, powered it up and made sure it worked, added a memory card and set it to RAW+JPEG (because at the time Adobe hadn't released the...


So I am back from Southern California for a bit. My sister, who was diagnosed with Lung Cancer about six weeks ago, passed away Tuesday night. She entered hospice about 3 weeks ago and friends and family have been gathered to be with her and try to keep her...

Appreciating Life (and more), 6FPS by Chuq Von Rospach V1n4

I just published the latest issue of my newsletter 6FPS. Please take a look at Appreciating Life (and more) Not subscribed yet? Here's what you missed: Life has a way of changing your priorities. You deal with that, and do your best around it. The onslaught of cameras...

Time off on the Oregon Coast

Laurie and I just got back from ten days in Oregon on our post-Labor-day road trip. The trip totalled a bit over 2300 miles, and took us through Medford, Newport, Astoria, Portland and home via Klamath Falls. I tend to keep these trips a bit quiet ahead of time...

Gear Kit: What to carry when you go out and bird

I've been getting questions about what people should bring with them on a birding trip, and while I've written about this in the past, it makes sense to do an update and share what I'm carrying now, and to make some suggestions on options and alternatives for those...

A Birdwatcher’s Library

A Birdwatcher’s Library It turns out one of the things you tend to collect as a birder is books about birds. Birdwatching is in many ways less about watching birds as it is identifying what in heck you’re watching, and properly identifying birds turns out to be, well,...


As I mentioned yesterday, I did this thing, and now I’m happy to tell people about it and let people use it if they find it useful. I’ve built a new web site, It’s designed to be a guide to birding here in Santa Clara County and to connect...

My Portfolio

hmm. just calibrated my iMac with the new Spyder. Unlike 90% of the internet, it seems I've been running my iMac too dim.

new on the blog: First Experiences with the fuji X-T3

The spinal tap tour continues. Next: magic mountain?
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WATCH: President Donald J. Trump takes part in a "Make America Great Again" rally at Elko Regional Airport in Elko, Nevada.

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